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EuTimé, Chef's Footprints

EuTimé proposes to install in a suggestive location, open to the public and visitable, the handprints of Chefs fundamental for the history of the kitchen.

By fundamental we certainly mean big names with a sure media impact, including international ones, but we would especially focus on emerging Chefs who know how to stand out for an avant-garde mission and in step with the new needs of contemporary society, for example with a green cuisine at low environmental impact on the planet.

The stars go out, the footprints remain

The hands of the Chefs are the fundamental and irreplaceable tool of their art: for this reason Eutimé and Convivium photograph and publish them, immortalizing them in the foreground. Our Image Galleries will host in that pose all the Chefs visited and "nominated" for the laying of the footprints: in this way there will also be a virtual Hall of Fame to complete and integrate the physical one.

(the images change with each refresh)

EuTimé is a fancy name coined by combining the two words from ancient Greek: Eu "Bene" / Timé "Public Estimate of a Person".
The accent on the final "e" is emphasized by representing it with the stylized infinity symbol.
The word EuTimé also plays on the assonances and similarities with English: TIME, time in English, introduces the concept that the footprints remain over time, with a temporal Continuum. EU recalls Europe.

Each "form" with handprints will contain the Chef's name, date and autograph signature.
A QR Code will be placed next to each imprint which will refer to the biography and further information on the Eutimé website.

Each "module" will be appropriately positioned in the dedicated area, which we imagine as an equipped and panoramic walkway in a privileged location, which hosts the artifacts with good visibility.
(something similar to the sites of La Croisette in Cannes and the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, where the protagonists are the actors).

As a corollary and nerve part of the project, we have imagined the establishment of an Annual Event / Award Ceremony during which the Chefs appropriately identified during the selection process will be given the cast of the hands to be added to the permanent installations in the dedicated space that can be visited. , which will become richer every year...

Convivium, a guide to restaurants and hotels with 22 years of experience in the field, will be an active part in the work of selecting candidates during the year, exploiting the synergy of its systematic visit to the most relevant food and wine realities.