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Each "module" will be suitably positioned in the dedicated area, which we imagine as an equipped and panoramic walkway in a privileged location, which will house the artifacts with good visibility. It will be something similar to the sites of La Croisette in Cannes and the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, where the protagonists are the actors.

In agreement with the Mayor and the local Municipal Administration, we have already identified the candidate place to physically host the path with the footprints: it is Villa di Isola d'Asti, in the Langhe Astigiane, a panoramic location strategically positioned close to the nodes motorway, well served by excellent hospitality facilities.

A balustrade splendidly overlooking the panorama of the Tanaro Valley and the hills of the Langhe from Guarene to Barbaresco up to Barolo, with the entire Alps as a grandiose backdrop, will host the footprints of the Chefs, the result of a selection made by a professional jury under the aegis of Convivium.